Aurelio, developer with a passion for the city.

Itself rooted in the Jordan Aurelio acquires real estate in Amsterdam and develops these into comfortable homes and business premises while preserving the unique character of its own.

The people of Aurelio are linked by their passion for the city of Amsterdam. A city that is undergoing a major transformation in recent years. Driven by the huge influx of new residents who move to the city every year, Amsterdam is a major challenge to ensure the necessary expansion and refurbishment. We want to help shape the success of this transformation.

(Re)develop beautiful buildings and give it the proper home-work function. And thereby make future users ultimate happy with their new home and / or workplace. That drives us.

In everything we do, we believe in the realization of a healthy mix of living, learning and working. That makes a neighborhood alive and economically strong. It’s not simple. Property can not be lumped together. Location, destination and decor make the difference.

Since 2007, we have acquired, developed and (partly) sold real estate projects. In those years it’s confirmed that our vision on location and destination is the right one.

Only Loft Nº5 for sale

Visit our project website and follow this unique project closely.

For sale: Koning Willemshuis

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For rent

Bloemgracht 4-30 soon for rent.

Check out the project on this website.