Aurelio is the proud new owner of the former town hall of Blaricum. The object with more than one hectare garden, also known as Villa Nederheem, was built in 1937 by William Singer and his wife (the founder of the current Singer Museum in Laren). In 1950 the estate passed into the hands of the Deli Batavia Maatschappij, a tobacco producer who used it for 10 years. From 1960 to 1974, IBM used Nederheem as a training center for its managers. From 1974 to 2007 Nederheem was used as the town hall of Blaricum. In recent years, the object had no function.

From 2007 Nederheem has been assigned a residential destination. Aurelio is planning to develop Nederheem into several apartments in the premium segment. To realize this project, Aurelio is working with Mr. Menno Ongering of B.O.S. Architects in Blaricum and restoration architect Hans Vlaardingerbroek from Utrecht. The project is now