Ljouwerter Skûtsje

Aurelio supports the Ljouwerter Skûtsje. We wish the crew of the beautiful De Rienk Ulbesz a lot of fun and success during the upcoming skûtsjesilen competitions. These will normally start in Grou on Saturday 24 July. For more information visit the website of Ljouwerter Skûtsje.

Personnel changes

As befits a growing, dynamic company you sometimes have to deal with personnel changes. First, we say goodbye to Jons Hensel. Jons together with his girlfriend embarked on a trip around the world. New to the team, Menno van Veenendaal. He is our new project manager and with his years of experience in projectmanagement he [...]

Latest Acquisition Aurelio: King William House, Egelantierstraat 141-143 te Amsterdam

Aurelio has started with the transformation of "Koning Willemshuis" (King William House), a listed monumental building that is located at the Egelantierstraat 141 -143, in the center of Amsterdam. It was built in 1863 and was considered one of the most important buildings in the neighborhood at that time. In honor of Independency in 1813, the community [...]