Aurelio is a partner in the rebuilding of this canal house, which was hit by fireworks during New Year’s Eve 2008 and then burned down. The rebuilding is progressing well. During recent archival research into the interior, interesting information surfaced about the garden house that once stood there. In 1865 the unmarried and wealthy young man Aug Crommelin became the occupant of the property. Even at an early age, he had various administrative functions, traveled widely including to New York, and was a pioneer in many fields: he collected watercolors – a new art form at that time – resulting in a collection with international appeal, and chose photography as a hobby. For that purpose, he built a ‘photographic laboratory’ in his deep back garden, a pioneering construction of cast iron and glass. That was the first darkroom in Amsterdam. From Aug Crommelin now a picture has emerged, sitting proudly on his famed gazebo. Also blueprints of the garden house have been recovered. The outlines of the garden house are slowly becoming visible again.