Robbert Klaver from Aurelio is with Aquarius co-owner of the northern part of Block IV. He has been working with de Architekten Cie. since 2015 on a beautiful design that incorporates all of Amsterdam’s ambitions for the area. Robbert Klaver: “Sloterdijk I South is a developing neighborhood. It will take years before all homes, shops and facilities are there and the public space is arranged according to plan. That is why we want to be a quartermaster. We want to create a village, an independent Amsterdam neighborhood where it is nice to live. Where you can start in a studio and move on if your situation demands it. Where you can raise children and grow old. A pleasant living environment, where you are invited to participate in urban neighborhood life, but also within cycling distance of the center and (running) walking distance of the Westerpark. A neighborhood to stay.”

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